If the proximate purpose of technology is flourishing, the ultimate purpose of technology is vitality.
Ritual in the making, new healers, upcoming spaces and growing our treasury.

February 2023

Happy Hour #4 : On Digital WellbeingWatch now (59 min) | In this episode, we have Victor Kairuki with us to share principles on how to tread mindfully, intentionally and humanely as the…
Follow a photon from the stars down to your brain and learn about how this influences human sleep, health, and mental wellbeing.
We don't expect car insurance to subsidize car washes or tyre repairs. Then, why do we expect health insurance to subsidize preventive care?

January 2023

Easing our way into 2023 with added protocols to be more DAO-functional. New projects and spaces are loading on the horizon. Our network now has 105…
With continuous effort from the government, Singapore could be the first nation to achieve a truly preventive healthcare model
The chemistry behind tea's benefits for neurodegenerative disease.

December 2022

Honeybee health is often characterized and treated exclusively at the colony level. Similarly, a community-centered approach to human well-being has the…
New accountability program, reworked our landing page and building on new ideas from our design sessions. 2023 is roaring to start!

November 2022

We started laying the foundations of Happily Ever After as a DAO. We also held our first collective design sessions, ran a research study, and welcomed…

October 2022

To build a positive-sum healthcare ecosystem, we must analyze the costs of data transactions in our current infrastructure and build systems to lower…