The Pink Zone is a publication that reimagines healthcare for a future that is rich in vitality.

Healthcare is one of our oldest institutions and needs creative re-imagination. But, many attempts at doing so have a flavour of techno-solutionism that does not adequately consider human dimensions of the health experience.

This publication addresses that by interweaving medicine, technology, social science, philosophy, and other ways of knowing into an inclusive, and grounded vision for the future of healthcare.

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Who are we?

The Pink Zone is run by Happily Ever After, a collective working towards building a worldwide network of health and well-being spaces. We believe:

  1. Humanity’s final frontier is vitality

    Vitality is the complete state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, beyond the goals of health and longevity.

  2. Prevention is better than a cure
    Retroactively solving problems is no longer sufficient, we must proactively detect and minimize problems.

  3. Human flourishing is community centered

    Individuals are deeply interconnected with their communities and environment, all flourishing is mutual.

  4. Individual autonomy must be protected

    No incentive can match the cultivation of intrinsic motivation, through co-created values, shared meaning, respect for others and unconditional care.

  5. Care givers deserve care too
    Care givers are human like everyone else, and deserve the same empathy and care they have provided to us.

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A publication that reimagines healthcare by interweaving medicine, technology, social science, philosophy, and other ways of knowing into a future rich in vitality.


technology's ultimate purpose is vitality 🪷
I'm curious about the nature of biology, the origin of life, and the biochemistry of the universe. I can't wait to understand more about the interface between biology, chemistry and physics.
Hi I'm Mayank, a Master of Public Health (MPH) student at Imperial College London and a Bioengineering Graduate from Nanyang Technological University. I'm here for all things healthcare-related!
Mother, community experience-maker and sleep health researcher.
We are a community that believes in universal preventive healthcare