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Happy Hour #5 - Human AI x Purposeful Hyper-performance with Prof. Agnis Stibe

Human AI x Purposeful Hyper-performance with Prof. Agnis Stibe

In this conversation, we will explore how human-AI integration can revolutionize the way we work, achieve more meaningful results, and prioritize our health and wellbeing. We will use real-world examples to illustrate how purpose-driven hyper-performance can be achieved without burnout. We will also discuss potential risks and strategies for maintaining a balance between productivity and purpose. Participants will leave with practical strategies for integrating AI to drive purposeful hyper-performance while promoting wellbeing.

About the Speaker

Professor Agnis Stibe

4x TEDx speaker, MIT alumnus, and YouTube creator. World-renowned corporate leadership and scientific advisor at Offers an authentic science-driven STIBE method and practical tools for achieving hyper-performance with human artificial intelligence. Established research on Persuasive Cities at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently working with MIT Media Lab on the SoCity project. The first decentralized prosocial platform empowers urban citizens to make their communities more livable and cities hyper-performing. In this vision, business acceleration and societal wellbeing can be achieved through purpose-driven innovations that successfully blend technological advances with human nature. The STIBE method helps gain confidence and build resilience against everyday circumstances. It drives stressless hyper-performance at work and certainty in life.

Happy Hour
Happy Hour is where we invite like-minded friends to discuss everything healthcare. It is also a space for our community to share gratitude and find meaningful friendships.
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